Pitch The Impact Not The Feature!

Nick Bramley, CEO of IMPACTUS Group Sharing His Thoughts & Insights Into Why Many “Pitches”
Fall on Deaf Ears or Get A Less Than Enthusiastic Response – Is It Your Own Fault?

Why do so many businesses fail to inspire potential and even existing customers to do business (or more business) with them?

Nobody cares what you do, and when Nick is presented with the same old, same old sets of features of businesses, he will say that. Is he effectively telling a business owner that their “baby”, into which they have invested time, effort, energy and cash, is ugly?

We guess so….

You have to understand and focus on the IMPACT of what you do, not just what the product or service you provide actually is.

Genuinely, nobody cares if you are an Accountant or Business Consultant, or if you have a product like a car or a piece of machinery to sell. They care about what that service or product will do for them – in other words, WHY should they use you, or it, what is the IMPACT?

Hope you enjoy the video and it provokes a few thoughts for you and your business.

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