What Is Your “Pitch”? How Do You Introduce Your Business?

Anyone who knows Nick Bramley, CEO of IMPACTUS Group me will know that he loves Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle idea. It is an idea so simple, it is brilliant……..

They will also know that we teach this principle when pitching or presenting your business – the journey from the middle to the outer circle……

This IMPACTUS Group decal can be used from a 1 minute pitch to a full blown proposal concept but starting in the middle beats the pedestrian, predictable approach that many take.

When asked “what do you do”, I always start with WHY we exist, namely “Inspiring Performance Excellence for Individuals, Teams and Businesses. The 4 P’s are HOW I do this, the areas I look at, leading to the services I provide in the outer circle, or the WHAT we do. SIMPLE.

The simplicity of this approach is that you only need to remember three cornerstones for ANY presentation – Why / How / What – but most importantly, in that order. If you get this right for your business, you will deliver consistent, impactful conversations, responses and pitches – guaranteed

Now what is your Golden or Inner Circle? What are your WHY / HOW / WHAT Cornerstones?

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