Charge What You Are Worth

Nick Bramley, CEO of IMPACTUS Group Sharing His Thoughts & Insights Into
How to Value Your Expertise & The Impact You Make – It’s Not About Cost, It’s About Investment!

Freelancers, Consultants, Advisors New-Starts, Pre-Starts & Those Selling “Time & Expertise” via Services – You Need To Be Thinking About This Now!

I created this short video a little while ago, just before the COVID19 lockdown. Timing is everything, so I have waited until now to release it. It might still be too early to “sell” but it is never too early to plan.

Get your thoughts together about how you are going to come out of this, and most importantly, not desperately diving into “any type of work” just because it is in front of you.

You only get one chance to set your value proposition. Hope this helps to get you thinking.

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