The following is the headline list of all Bite-Sized Webinars that are available from IMPACTUS Group.  Many are available as “open access” webinars on set dates and times during the COVID19 outbreak but all are available as 100% tailored webinars for in-house delivery during the same period.

In-house delivery ensures maximum audience engagement and impact as the content will be tailored to the audience, whereas “open access” content is by its very nature, is more generic and therefore less direct on an individual business by business basis.

We cover 4 main areas of development, all of which qualify for any CPD scheme you may be operating in terms of hours registered and pints allocated. 

These 4 main areas are;

  • Business or Departmental Strategy
  • Supervision, Management & Leadership
  • Business & Sales Development
  • Soft Skills Development

The IMPACTUS Group Bite-Sized Webinars run for 90 minutes and are interactive and participatory in design and delivery.  Whilst little can replace the delivery of such content in a either a classroom or at a conference, we have worked hard to replicate as best we can the experience and the impact typically delivered by our team.

Watch out for notifications via LinkedIn of the “open Access” webinar dates and times – please connect with Nick Bramley, CEO of IMPACTUS Group if you are not already connected to see each notification.

In-house webinars can be delivered at any time to suit the client and the client team(s).  For any tailored in-house requirements, please contact IMPACTUS Group directly.

  Business or Departmental Strategy
  Strategic Thinking & Decision Making
  Creating a New Business or Department Strategy
  The Impactful Marketing Strategy
  Linking Marketing to Sales
  Creating Strategic Growth Campaigns
  Your People Development Strategy
  Creating a Cohesive Culture
  Maximising Your Customer Journey
  Supervision, Management & Leadership
  Management v Leadership
  Develop Your New Supervisor
  Develop Your New Manager
  Your Leadership Style – It Matters
  Developing & Managing Talent
  Create & Manage High Performance
  The Art of Effective Communication
  Inspiring Others
  Goal Setting & KPI Management
  Managing Remote Teams
  Managing a Changing Landscape
  Personal Effectiveness
  Captaining Your Team
  Managing Collaborative Projects
  Stakeholder Management
  Creating a Coaching, Mentoring & Developmental Culture
  Business & Sales Development
  The Psychology of Sales
  It Starts With Your Strategy
  Prospecting for New Business
  Creating an Effective Sales Campaign
  Make Your Pitch Compelling
  Creating & Managing an Effective Sales Pipeline & Funnel
  Welcome & Manage Objections
  Manage & Maximise Your Margin
  Closing More Business More Often
  The Power of the Telephone
  Convert Inbound Calls to More Sales
  Running an Effective SKPE Call
  Running an Effective Client Meeting
  How to be an External Sales Rep
  Key Account Management Tactics
  Customer Growth Initiatives
  Soft Skills Development
  Build Confidence in New Sales People
  Create a Motivating Sales Culture
  Effective Use of LinkedIn
  Networking Skills & Confidence
  Maximise Your Exhibition Performance
  High Impact Presentation Skills
  Keynote & Conference Speaking
  Personal Brand, Professional Impact
  The Power of Influence
  Understand & Motivate Your Customers