2021 Interactive Webinars, Workshops & Programmes

Here you will find full details of the current IMPACTUS Group / IMPACTUS Skills Interactive Webinar, Workshop & Programmes for 2021.

Since the global pandemic, IMPACTUS Group & IMPACTUS Skills have been at the forefront of converting market-leading face-to-face Training Programmes into accessible, engaging, market-leading Webinars and Webinar Programmes as THE default option for many clients still seeking to invest in their teams and their businesses. 

All of our material is current, reflecting the challenges we all face as a result of the impact of the global COVID19 crisis, whether supporting a very different sales and business development landscape or from a leadership and communications perspective.    

In all cases, we engage, facilitate, host and challenge our delegates in a safe environment providing the level of professional critique and feedback that delivers significant delegate performance improvement – guaranteed. 

At IMPACTUS Group, we offer an extensive off-the-shelf Webinar or Workshop Programme, allowing clients access to high-quality content that is peer approved by many former delegates.

We also offer the same content on an in-house, tailor-made basis, to create content that is 100% focussed on your team, your environment, your challenges and your training and development objectives.

In essence, we offer such flexibility, that it would be almost impossible not to work with us in designing training content that really delivers for you and your business.

We also offer Coaching Programmes to support personal and business development too.

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